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A 'Basic Shape' is a term used by the Interior Design Industry to talk about the most common styles of knobs. You've got mushrooms, circles, squares, triangles, pyramids, crescents, leaves, moons, and so forth. Basic Shapes can  come in a variety of materials including metal, ceramic and glass. They can be colored, clear, polished or artistic.

And with Basic Shapes, you can mix and match to stylish perfection without a degree in interior decorating. Basic Shapes are like basic black in your wardrobe. They are always elegant, always in fashion, and go with anything. You can even mix and match the Nifty Nob Basic Shapes with hardware and knobs from other companies. And there are choices to compliment any cabinet style.

What is different about the Nifty Nob Basic Shapes is that they are thoughtfully designed.  The dimensions, angles and proportions are carefully engineered to be comfortable to the touch and functional to use.  When you buy Nifty you buy Quality!

This colorful cabinet hardware is so versatile your design will always be unique!

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