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Bathroom Accessories feed

What are ‘bath accessories’ anyway? ‘Bath accessories’ is a term the design industry uses to talk about a whole group of utility items that hold and hang your soap, towel, robe, toilet paper and other bathroom items. They include towel bars – 18, 24 and 30 inch as well as custom sizes – holders, hooks, rings, shelves, warmers, shower rods and so forth. At Nifty Nob, we offer a wide variety of hooks, rings, and bars in all the traditional finishes.

Nifty Nob is proud to be one of the few bath accessories manufacturers to obtain a patent on an easy-to- install towel bar mounting system. The Nifty mounting system makes putting up towel bars, hooks, rings and toilet paper holders as easy as screwing the lid onto a jar. And what’s better, the Covert>able Bath Accessories Collecction allows you to personalize your bathroom’s look by adding a knob to the support post. Now you can change your style without having to change your bath accessories! Give your towels a stylish hangout while you mix or match designs with your cabinets and hooks.

Please click on the Play button to start the video. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful! It runs about three minutes.

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